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An innovative attack in the wig industry, 3D scanning technology changes the way wigs are customized


As the pace of technology continues to advance, the wig industry is also experiencing a storm of innovation. Recently, the Hair Accessories Beauty fashion wig brand store launched an epoch-making 3D scanning technology, opening up a whole new path for the personalization of wigs.


Using 3D scanning technology for hair accessories and fashion wigs, customers can simply sit in front of a professional 3D scanner and record a series of detailed data on their head in just a few minutes. These data include the shape of the head, scalp health, hair loss level, etc., ensuring a perfect fit and comfort for the wig. With this data, the scanner is able to generate an accurate 3D digital model that matches the head arc at a ratio of 1:1.

The advent of this technology has revolutionized the way traditional wigs are customized. In the past, custom wigs were time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it was often difficult to achieve a perfect fit.

Now, with 3D scanning technology, customers can obtain accurate head data in a short time, greatly reducing the customization time. At the same time, because the data is accurate, the wigs produced are also more comfortable and natural, and the "measurement customization" is truly realized.

Not only that, but the scanner also has the magic function of picking a hairstyle with a single photo. This technology leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to train and learn from large amounts of hairstyle data, allowing the scanner to accurately identify and match a variety of hairstyles. Users only need to upload a photo of themselves, and the scanner can generate an accurate 3D digital model based on the head data and hairstyle selection in the photo, achieving a 1:1 head curvature match.

This feature makes it easier and faster for consumers to choose a hairstyle, eliminating the cumbersome process of trying on a wig in the traditional way.


The introduction of this technology not only greatly improves the production efficiency of the customization industry, but also brings personalized service experience to consumers. Driven by technology, the wig customization industry is entering a new era, satisfying people's pursuit of beauty and personalization in an unprecedented way.



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